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Once upon time, in a land far, far away, there used to be blacksmiths. They were critical to a society functioning. As time went on, the need for iron became ever more valuable and often was a determinant in civilizations developing. They were craftsmen. They were artisans. They were the anchor of their communities.

Then came technology and people didn’t need to access the ironsmith, but in our world, there was a new rise of craftsman – those who work on things not necessarily tangible in the ways of old, but equally valuable and critical to growth. These are people who smith things together, who refine raw material into polished work. Our anvil and hammer is now a multiple-core-processor computer and a mouse (or Wacom tablet), and with it, we craft functional art.


A Production Company


We are a full service production and post-production company. We offer a one-stop shop solution for our clients seeking one vendor; meanwhile, we offer our services à la cart, if you seek solely production, post-production, or sound design. We even do à la mode if you’d prefer. Our directors represent young talent with big ambitions in tune with modern trends and established cinematic conventions.

We are people interested in and keen on generating pop culture. Our post-production artists include editors, colorists, motion-graphics and design artists, as well as post-production sound services. For extensive finishing services (using compositing software like Flame, Smoke, Nuke), we work with external collaborators. We are committed to delivering our collaborator’s vision and intent onto the screen.


Our Work






If you just need production, we are happy to do that too. We have a dynamic crew and can scale up or down as much as needed to fit your project and budget. We have multiple camera and lens packages and consistently shoot with the Red Epic Dragon, Sony FS7, Arri Alexa, Cannon C300 Mark II, and Panasonic GH5. We have grip and lighting packages to accommodate most any shoot as well.


Post Production

Ironsmith has 2 edit bays and 4 editors. We offer editing, 2D and 3D motion graphics, and CG. Whether your project is a corporate training video, or we are cutting a narrative spot that integrates live action with CG, our team can accommodate.


Multicultural content

Ironsmith Films also offers all of its media production services in Spanish as well as English. With part of the ownership team being from central Mexico, we’re not only able to execute well-crafted Spanish Language content, but also have a deep understanding of Latino culture. We offer bi-lingual directors, editors, and producers from all areas of Latin America to create the highest level of Spanish language production.



Ironsmith Films operates a film + photography studio that is available for rent by the hour or day. This is one of the best insert stages in the area for sound sensitive shoots. We have a lighting grid with 1k tungsten lights, fluorescent lights, a 10’ Cyc wall, set kitchen, and additional G+E and Video Village equipment for rent. The studio rents for $65 per hour or $600 per day.


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Ironsmith Films is located in The Lot At RiNo in the heart of the River North Dist. of Denver. The Lot hosts an array of services including a recording studio, grip truck, and film studio. Our offices are located within the studio which is located on the back side of the building. It is well worth the visit as our studio is an underground production hub and within walking distance to multiple breweries and restaurants. Contact us today to schedule a tour or talk about your next production.


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